We're a fairly small business with about 200,000 visits per month & a Google page rank of 3. We've been established about 10 years. We were about to go ahead and submit a Wikipedia article about the company, but then stopped and started to think of some pros and cons:

- Having presence on Wikipedia might make a company appear more trustworthy & established
- Having a link from such a reputable site may help our site's page range
- Wikipedia moderators might deem the article not noteworthy and reject it, making the whole discussion moot
- Competitors, disgruntled customers & general trolls can freely edit & add to the article (as far as I know, anyway - I'm not too clued up on the details of how Wikipedia works!) and slag us off. As far as I know there's only so much we can do to combat this
- The Wikipedia page may well rank above our own for searches for the company name, which presumably means a good chunk of users will go straight to the Wiki page. Although it could be argued that these users get to see that we are an established and reputable company, there's also the argument that any barrier to a customer coming to your site is a bad thing

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the matter?