Hi everyone,

I have a website that I have been maintaining. It suddenly has some issues.

There is a slideshow at the top of each page. Each page has it's own set of pictures in the slideshow pertaining to the pages topic. For some reason the slideshow has stopped sliding on the whole site :-). And the menu on the left side has broken apart.

I made some changes to a page (added some pictures to one page on the site) a week ago or so. But everything was running fine then. I can't figure out why this suddenly happened. Especially since the slide shows are set up on each page independently. So if I did make an error on the slideshow I added pictures too, it should only affect that page.

Plus, I did not do anything to the left navigation. It is attached to the site as an include. So no idea why that has split apart.

Your thoughts?

website is at: