All right I am creating a button thingy for a program called ieSpell from iespell.com.

Anyways, what it does is if the user has iespell installed and they click the button then it scans the page for missspelled words and lets your correct them. Pretty sweet.

And if ieSpell is not installed then it pop ups a alert telling them to download it.

Here is the javascript code below:

<SCRIPT Language="Javascript">
function checkspell()
var tmpis = new ActiveXObject
alert("To Enable Spell Checking Download The Free Spell Checker: http://www.iespell.com.");
However, what I really want to happen is when the user clicks the button and they dont have ieSpell installed then it gives them a dialog box with the message above with yes/no buttons.

So they would see something like:

To Enable Spell Checking You Must Have ieSpell Installed
Don't Worry It Is FreeWare and 100% SpyWare Free
Would you like to download ieSpell now to enable spell checking?

[ Yes ] [ No] [ Don't Show Again ]

They click yes and it downloads ieSpell but if they click no then it just closes the dialog box.

Also, if possiable I would like to make it so if they click "Don't Show Again" then the dilog box closes and the page were they clicked the spell checking button is refreshed and they no longer see the spell check button.

I would like to use a sql string. Since I want to be able to tie in into my website and member database. So if they are a member it saves it to their account and if they are not a member then it just saves it to a cookie.

I'm new to this stuff so please keep that in mind if you try to help me. If there is a better way then I would be willing to try that way too.

Ok i have a mysql database called test. Within test I have test_members. For that i have different Fields i guess u would call them.
Like name, password, ipaddress, etc.

So I guess I just make a new field called test_spell or whatever.
And in that entry a 1 or a 0. If its a 1 then the button is showen and if its a 0 then it is not showen. So it would always be 1 untill the user clicked the "Don't Show Again" button.

But if the person is not a member then it would get that info from a cookie instead of my database.

Then i would like to have another button that would change the 0 to a 1. Meaning bring the button back. Not sure how I want to do that yet.

Hope u know what I am saying.

Also, here is the code for the button:

<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" class='forminput' VALUE="Check Spelling" onclick='checkspell()'>
Thanks for your help,