I designed this website about a year ago for a small pre-school. Their main focus in on early learning and foreign languages / cultures. I'm wondering what I can do to improve the website and make the information more accessible and appealing for new parents. Some of the issues that I think the site has include:

-Front page is too busy. I would like a more clear message

-I'm not sure if the message of "quality academics" is attractive to new parents. I think most parents are looking for a safe, fun, creative, open environment for their kids rather than "top academics". I might need to do some more research.

-The top banner is too busy. There isn't a clear logo or style.

-I don't like the color scheme all that much. I think something more simple would work better.

What do you guys think? Please look at the website from the perspective of a parent looking for a school for their young child. Also, many of the parents may not be the most tech-savy, so accessibility of information and ease is important. I would appreciate any feedback! This was one of the first websites I made as a designer.