I already have a BA in an unrelated field, but want to change careers to be a database programmer and eventually a Database Administrator (DBA).
I can't even apply for a MS in CS unless I have a BS in either IT or CS.
A BS in CS requires 31 classes including several classes unrelated to computer programming including Math and Science classes.
A BS in IT requires 13 classes total with only a few programming classes (2 are in Java), but I would be learning computer programming on the side anyways as I am already learning SQL and will learn other languages like Python, etc. on my own as well.

I will be working full time while going to school and studying for computer certifications.

I am asking because I am 33 years old and I would be close to 40 if I go with the BS in CS + MS in CS as opposed to the BS in IT + the MS in CS, not to mention the expenses, etc.