Ok. Firstly, here's the full error that MySQL throws at the browser:

ADODB.Connection.1 error '80004005'

SQLState: S1090
Native Error Code: 0
[TCX][MyODBC]SQLBindParameter not used for all parameters

/forums/reply.asp, line 125
This isn't happening very much. It's literally every now and again but once it's started doing it, it lasts for a good hour or so with the same error. I cannot figure out for the life of me what causes it!! Could it be server problem? Could it be an obvious piece of code? I think not, cos I know the data being passed to the dB is SQL-friendly and it sounds from the error message that it's not even getting that far anyway. Here's the ASP, just in case:

		SQLString = "INSERT INTO t_messages " &_
					"(f_datetime, f_ip, f_username, f_subject, f_message, f_forum, f_linked, f_rating)" &_
					"VALUES " &_
					"(NOW(), '" & Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") & "', '" & to_html(Session("username")) & "', '" & to_html(Request.Form("subject")) & "', '" & to_html(Request.Form("reply")) & "', " & Request.QueryString("forum") & ", " & Request.QueryString("message") & ", " & Request.Form("rating") & ")"
Everything I've found through Google is useless cos it simply doesn't apply. It's really annoying me! Please tell me someone knows what's going on here....?


Ps -- remember this is a very intermitent error.

Pps -- new smilies!