I have a form that I use on MySQL/PHP and need to convert it to MSSQL/PHP. This is the area that I'm struggling with, what am I doing wrong?
No error, when I submit the form it just reloads, not submitting any data to the DB.

PHP Code:
if (isset($_POST['Vendor_ID'])) { //Check for a field that is mandatory to do the inserted
$Vendor_ID sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Vendor_ID']);
$ProductName_ID sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['ProductName_ID']);
$version sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['version']);
$serial sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['serial']);
$ProductKey sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['ProductKey']);
$Department_ID sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Department_ID']);
$ownername sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['ownername']);
$Computer sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Computer']);
$Comments sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Comments']);
$Acquired sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Acquired']);
$Retired sqlsrv_escape_string($_POST['Retired']);
$sql "INSERT INTO dbo.KeyList_detail (
        if (
sqlsrv_query($con$sql)) {
'<strong><em>Your data has been submitted</em></strong><br /><br />';
                } else {
'<p>Error adding submitted info: ' sqlsrv_error(). '</p>';
        <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="post">