Hi folks,

Can anyone suggest a link/page for merging two images into one using PHP's IMagick library or directly imagemagick commands? Actually what I want is; I have one image as background and another small iconic image of certain size (say 80x80px) to be placed in a certain specific area of the background image. I have a workaround to place the icon in a specific area of another image. See an example here and tryto customize a http://uno.chivasregal.info/products...tic-fancy-bags. I have stored the Pixel of the icon when it is dragged.

Now in the checkout process, I want to generate the final design image as seen in the web page into another image. I don't know I explained it enough or not but what I want once again is: place one small image in a specific area of another bigger image and save to a new image.

Please guide me in a right direction. I could not find any clue from Google. Actually I can do it using GD but I don't want to do it using Imagemagick. Lets say it is the requirement.

Thanking you in advance !