I have a page that uses ajax to load form inputs into a div after the page loads. I need to be able to apply the autocomplete plugin to these inputs but obviously I have to do this after they are injected since they aren't there on page load. Trouble is that for some reason I cant seem to get jQuery to match these injected elements no matter what I do.

so here is some code...

function moveRight(passedLI)
		var mycontainer = $("#rightColumn");
		$.get("RightColumnAJAX.cfm", {id: $(passedLI).attr("id")}, function(data){
					data = $.trim(data)
			serviceUrl: 'jobCodeSearch_AJAX.cfm',
			minChars: 3});
This is the function that is called which grabs the input and drops it into my div.

The inputs that are returned via AJAX have a class of jobCode so you can see above that I am trying to match the element with $('.jobCode') but it just wont match the element. as a a matter of fact if I put a alert('matches: ' + $('.jobCode').length); it tells me that it is nto matching any elements.

So how can I match these injected elements and manipulate them (apply the autocomplete plugin)?