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    i am an advisor in the Website Reviews and currently have a review in progress for user gargo. all in all an attractive site.

    but there is a bg graphic that is like a blue print, very nice and appropriate. for a 640x480 the graphic would be fine. but on a 1028x768 the graphic repeats and this is not cool.

    so i came to ask for your views. the review is at:

    thanks in advance

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    After looking at the page I don't really see a problem with the background repeating. However if you don't want to have it repeat in I.E. and Netscape 6 you can use the background-repeat attribute of CSS.. Navigator 4 is supposed to use this attribute as well but I haven't gotten it to work with a version of less than 4.7

    Simply put this in the head tag:
    body { background-repeat: no-repeat;}
    Wayne Luke


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