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    Thumbs up New here, new to web design and new to critics - please review my site...

    Hello all, please take a moment to have a look at my nearly completed website.

    It is in HTML5 and is about 85% complete (the content has not bee uploaded yet - it's all still on word documents!). The home page is laid out as I want it but the slideshow is just there for show - it isn't finished yet. More interested in first impressions and feel for the design/colours/picture style and also the intuitiveness of the navigation boxes. The content pages also have a standard layout which is in line with the home page style.

    The website is for a b2b consulting business - not corporate but a smaller, specialised, innovative, dynamic and resourceful partnering type organisation.

    Tips and constructive criticism are welcome - this is all my own design and I am not a web designer! All done on the Moonfruit platform.


    Many thanks, Mark
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