Hi Guys,
Just a quick question... I have implemented the caroufredsel into the following website, which is all working great.

My question is I'd like to #anchor link from images on the homepage to the carousel on the (portfolio page) - but when I try doing that it stuffs up the carousel order. (By that I mean instead of the carousel starting and ending where it should, the anchor link seems to be resetting the start and end point to where the linked image is located within the carousel.)

The javascript used is:

					responsive	: true,
					circular: false,
					infinite: false,
					auto : false,
					prev : "#foo1_prev",
					next : "#foo1_next",
					scroll		: {
						fx			: "crossfade"
					items		: {
						start		: true,
						visible		: 1,
						width		: 767,
						height		: "100%"
				$("#foo2 img").each(function(n) {
					$(this).attr("id", "item"+n);
It's the "items: start: true," that I think is causing the carousel to reset from wherever the linked image is located within the carousel... but I am not sure what to change it to to fix the problem.
Hoping someone can suggest a fix.