Hello all, I'm a newbie here and am keen to get the communities opinion on a website I have built myself (its a Moonfruit HTML5 site).

The company is a consulting business that provides clients with research intelligence to support the corporate targets, employer branding and talent recruitment initiatives. The website is not finished from a content perspective and there will be a rolling slideshow on the home page in the 3x2 pane panel - this slideshow will include embedded messages explaining what the company does in short bullet-type format. However, hopefully, the general payout of the homepage and the content pages is finished.

Can you let me know your first impressions...
How intuitive are the large navigation boxes?
There are two logos - the full company name in the box at the top and a smaller logo in the site map box bottom right - thoughts?
Home page box pictures - not corporate but not too frivolous is the balance!

Honest opinions please and go easy on me - I am not a web designer!

Cheers, Mark