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    Code examples for new book

    I have downloaded the code examples for the new css book, and although on the download page it says:

    "The Code Archive contains an electronic copy of every code sample used throughout ‘HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS’. Downloading the archive will make the process of implementing the examples on your Website much quicker and easier."
    (Not my emphasis)

    There seem to be no code examples from chapters 3,4,6,8,11 & 12. (I haven't finished the book yet so I don't know if there are code examples in chapters 11 & 12 but there certainly seem to be some missing from the earlier chapters). Are these supposed to be in the archive?



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    more codes and a tiny error

    Happy for 4th for those in the USA!

    I have to agree that the CSS book should have every code example available for download. Don't know why this wasn't done in the first place.
    Nonetheless, I am really enjoying this excellent book.
    I'm about a third of the way through the book and I noticed a tiny mistake near the bottom of page 118. The text refers to the HTML code for Figure 5.21, but I think it's code for Figure 5.22.


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