Hi guys, i am getting the following error : The active result for the query contains no fields

Below is my code

include 'dbconnect_two.php';


//The part below is the one that does the query to retrieve the messages from the database

$sql_message_retriver="SELECT message FROM inbox WHERE message_id='$message_id' ";

echo "<right>$message_string</right>";


echo "<form action=// method=post>";
echo"Messageinput type=text name=update>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=message_id value=$message_id>"; // gotta fix this part
echo "<input type=hidden name=maxseq value=$maxseq>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=otheruser value=$otheruser>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=otheremail value=$otheremail>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=keyes value=$keyes>";
echo "<input type=submit name=submit value=Reply>";



The exact error i get:Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => IMSSP [SQLSTATE] => IMSSP [1] => -28 [code] => -28 [2] => The active result for the query contains no fields. [message] => The active result for the query contains no fields. ) )

Here is one suggestion i found to solve the problem from other forums: use the sqlsrv_next_result. I used it and it says ODBC function sequence error(something like that).

Here is something else to note, when i change my sql statement to say like this: $sql_id_two="SELECT message FROM inbox WHERE message_id='1216' AND to_email='$email' OR from_email='$email'"; It actually works and displays the message. its weird. someone pls help and also can someone explain what this error means, there is very little explanation on the internet and they are kinda confusing. pls help.