ok I have it set up and working....

I am using the following code :




<a href="../phpAds/click.php3"><img src="../phpAds/phpads.php3?what=468x60" border="0"></a>

the code 468x60 is for a random banner.....

OK so thats cool BUT....

I don't wanna use a href's as it says I should be able to use the php code :



However when I use that I get the following error :

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function view() in /home/cloughie/wannabebig-www/test.php on line 13

BTW line 13 is view("468x60");

how ever I have included the view php file and it works with te a href so the include must work..

also what are the advantages of using view rather than a href ? ? ?

thank you..