This summer, I was able to get a job at my small to medium size college working as a tech in the college's IT department. I've enjoyed my work so far, and have learned and continue to learn things I wouldn't in classes, plus I'm getting good work experience. However, as I head into the Junior year of my Computer Information Systems major, I am wondering if I should continue to work as an IT tech throughout the semester. My team leader wants me to work, so the job is available. I have not worked my previous two years of college, but I am thinking about doing so for the last two. Would employment as a tech at IT during my college semesters help me when I graduate and enter the workforce? Would that be a significantly desirable element on a résumé, something that would make me a more attractive candidate for a good job? That would be the main reason I would work there during the semester.

Thanks so much for any opinions!