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    I'm having a problem - the site I'm working on looks fine on my mac viewing in Explorer & Netscape - problem comes when viewing on a PC using Explorer (probably Netscape and who knows about AOL.. all which I'll have to find out about...) There is a pixel or two misalignment on the right side of the curtain that is driving me crazy - I don't know how to "scientifically" fix it. I've tried adding all my cells up to the table count, but it doesn't work. I've had better luck with a few of the other pages just inadvertently yanking the heck out of the cells - but I'd love to know why it works sometimes and why not others.

    One of the pages displaying this problem is:

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated.


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    I am viewing it in IE 5.0 on Windows NT and it looks great to me. I can't see any misalignment.
    Wayne Luke


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