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    Help please. Two site folders in wamp www folder. Includes aren't connecting.

    Hello. I hope that you are well and enjoying life in general.

    It was recommended that I bring my situation to this forum. Yes I did search and read a lot of posts but I don't think that I found anything that addressed this specific problem. Or if I did I didn't understand it well enough to recognize so.

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not smart enough to understand most of the responses in these forums, so you have to really gear it down for me...

    I have a good working site with an index on each page, carried in as an include. I did it like this, from the advice from a forum:

    <div id="rantlet_index">
    <?php include $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/includes/selector01.php"; ?>
    </div> <!--end rantlet_index-->

    It looks like this, the index being the column on the left:


    It runs fine out in the world at the web provider. It ran fine internally on my computer via wamp when the site was the only thing in wamp's www folder.

    Wanting to start another site and develop it internally via wamp, I used assorted instructions from the web to create two folders inside the wamp's www folder, each carrying its own site.

    The index.php files open fine in Chrome from each folder but the includes are not included:


    Somehow wamp can display the sites in the folders inside the www folder, but it can't follow the includes.
    I've fiddled with this for as long as I could think of things to try, but that's not much because of my limitations.
    Does anyone have any ideas that might make this work?


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