with help from fellow developers right here on Sitepoint I have learned so much JSON in the last two weeks or so....

now have one that's stumping me...


	"header": "List of Books",
	"the Books" : 
			{ "title":  "Midnight's Children",
			  "author": "Salman Rushdie" 
			{  "title":  "Dubliners",
			   "author": "James Joyce" 
			{  "title":  "Emma Bovary",
			   "author": "Gustave Flaubert" 
			{  "title":  "Letters to a Young Poet",
			   "author": "Rainer Maria Rilke" 
objects inside an array.. I can't seem to get this one right....

my attempts so far.....

what this page prints now is absurd!!! :-(

I loop fine thru top level, then thru array that contains the objects, but can't figure out how to get to the objects... (I have to get to each obj, then loop thru each one, yes? don't know why I can't figure this one out... have been struggling w/this one since last night.....

would appreciate suggestions...

thank you....