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    Hi, I was hoping some people might have some ideas in regards to layout, colours, design, style and navigation for a Police College Intranet System?

    This system would provide information for College Staff more than for students although there are areas for adding sections for students later on.

    Ideas for some content to be added are:

    Policies, manuals, publications, forms, procedures, news, BBS, surveys, polls, employee staff directory of contact information. Technology Based Training modules like CBT, search engine.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a design in regards to this so that it looks formal and professional but simple to use.

    I would be grateful for any comments or ideas.


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    We're working on a departmental intranet now, here's what i'd recommend, no doubt some people will disagree

    • Colour scheme, keep it simple, use your corporate colours if you can. Dark text with a white background is your safest option.
    • Layout - keep it simple, not too cluttered, make sure it's printer friendly too.
    • Make it searchable!

    That's the best I can think of for now, i'm sure the other SP folks can think of a few more good ideas!

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