Hello, I have a form which needs to add the total amount of each element together. The problem is that I cannot get it to add the value of the inputs that are programmatically entered. For example, I have a radio button which changes the text of the first input, which will then stop the inputs from adding. You can get a better understanding of what i'm trying to achieve by viewing it here - http://jsfiddle.net/lukem13/bbuyw/2/

So the two radio buttons will change the first input results which will be added together along with "tb2", "tb3" and the buttons and displayed in the "Results" textbox, but if the user changes the text of the input manually, then this will also change the total of the "results" textbox.

The buttons value will be added to the total when the button is changed from "Add" to "Added!" So if the user clicks the first button and it has changed to "Added!" $6 will be added to the total amount.

I hope i explained it well enough for you guys??