Hi all! I'm a beginner web designer. I've just gotten my first few clients and will make enough money to buy better programs and tools that I will need. Currently I use GIMP and have been using it for around 5-6 years, haha! It's a good program but I need something more. I want to be able to create website icons and logos mostly. It's very hard to do in GIMP and GIMP doesn't save them as the right file type. I also still need to be able to do simple edits to photos (flipping, color enhancement, cropping, etc) and make complex photo manipulations. Eventually I also want to learn how to make and print brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.

What are some good programs, tools, etc that I need to be looking at right now? A list from most important to least would be great!
Currently what I'm using:

HP Laptop (not even mine. i've been borrowing it from a family member)
Small nightstand as desk
Not-so-comfy chair

GIMP 2.8 as graphics program
Notepad++ for HTML & CSS coding
Chrome, IE, and Firefox for browser testing