I have been offered a site for sale that looks a bit too good to be true, it makes high $xxx / month with adsense, and the traffic reports via analytics show roughly 3k visitors / day - 80% of wich is from the USA.

What worries me is that over 70% of the traffic is direct, and 70% of the traffic has an engagement of between 0-10 secs.

The bounce rate however is low, at a mere 50%, for a blog, that is not bad.

I would love to hear any input about this, is it weird to have so much direct traffic? Or is the chance high that this is paid traffic from expired domains or such?

There currently is adsense on the site, so i know the domain is not banned, but according to the current owner, he lost an adsense account on click fraud in the past, i dont know or adsense allways auto bans a domain if the account is banned.

Any input, or resources where i can do more research would be appreciated.