How do I keep a runing total?
I have a form that users use to sign in.
It's only a single table with six columes. This table will be used to track the number of people that sign up to for an event some kind of RSVP stuff.
Here is the table:
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[evite] (
[empId] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
[fname] [varchar] (25) NOT NULL ,
[lname] [varchar] (25) NOT NULL ,
[adults] [int] NOT NULL ,
[under_five] [int] NULL ,
[five_eight] [int] NULL ,
[nine_thirteen] [int] NULL
What I want to do is keep a running total. That is, when each invitee register, the total increments. So I can easily look up the total number of Adults, under_five, five_eight etc, that will be attending.

I am using MS SQL 7. on W2k and ASP