I have a webserver shared hosting and 3 domains pointing to it. I need a htaccess file that will redirect 3 domains to specific url with https
Example: The domains are
1. http://mydomain1.com
2. http://mydomain2.com
3. http://mydomain3.com

I want that if someone types in http://mydomain1.com should redirect to https://mydomain1.com.index.php
I want that if someone types in http://mydomain2.com should redirect to https://mydomain2.com/index.php
I want that if someone types in http://mydomain3.com should redirect to http://mydomain3.com/package1.php (without https://)

I have SSL for mydomain1.com and mydomain2.com, while mydomain3.com doesn't have a SSL.

Please help me out and provide me a .htaccess file that I need to place in server root.
I am a novice and do not have any idea.
Thanks and regards in advance,