Hi guys! In my form i have a checkbox, radio button, drop down menu and an anchor which changes from "+ Add" to "- Added!" when clicked.

When the user has finished his/her selection I would like the results to appear in their individual span tags. I've figured out how to make the drop down menu's results appear in the span tag when you select from the options manually, but when the user clicks another anchor it changes the dropdown option but it doesn't change the result in the span?

I used this code to display the drop down's results -
 $('#txt3').text( $('#idchange').find('option:selected').text());
    $('#txt3').text( $(this).find('option:selected').text());
The add button is changed using this code -
$('a.btn').click(function() {
But again i have no idea how to display the results only when the text = "- Added!" and display nothing when it = "+ Add"

So how would I display the results if the select option is change programmatically? Also how would i display the results for the radio, checkbox, and the add button?