Hi All!

I am trying to figure out something interesting I can do with the several hundred domains I own(I used to sell them but not too much of that going on right now.)

None of them have ever had a website site attached to them, but they still get traffic(usually around 50-100 views per day.) This is probably because the domains are general terms and people sometimes just type in their url window the same way they type a keyword into a search engine...

Anyways, do you think it would be feasible to use some kind of cpm or cpc network to turn each of these sites into a little cookie cutter profit machine making a couple of bucks per day?

Again, I'm not really interested in becoming a website developer at this point. It's more like I could have some small billboards on property I own that ALL TOGETHER might make me $500- 1000 per month.

I'd love to hear people's ideas about what I could do and any experience you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again. I love SitePoint!