Hello everybody.

I have a website on localhost and a configured .htaccess for the local version but its not working online.

for example, this is a bit of code that transfers to message.php on localhost

RewriteRule ^messages/? message.php

on the host, i tried this...

RewriteRule ^www.mywebsite.com/messages/? message.php
Rewriterule ^http://www.mywebsite.com/messages/? message.php (with changing the in php to www.mywebsite.com/message)

How do I create valid links to my php files and how does apache gets his url?
For example, if my url is just 'poruke', does apache knows that www.mywebsite.com goes before it?
What kind of string gets into .htaccess file before being redirected with regular expressions?

I know that theres an extensive documentation, but its not on my learning schedual yet. Apache is behind design patterns and javascript
so all the help is welcome in temporary fixes.

Thank you in advance.