Hi all,

I just wanted to ask your advice.

We have several websites with different domain names all hosted on a single webhosting account with a solitary IP number. To explain this: our main account is http://www.Litmania.com (which goes to the root directory of our webhost), then http://www.1Lit.com points to http://www.Litmania.com/1Lit and http://www.nazam.com to http://www.Litmania.com/nazam etc. etc.

(We can't afford different accounts - and our webhost provides a basic 100Mb anyway, which we would never fill up even with several websites.)

I just wanted to ask the 'gurus' out there: would that reduce the possibility of all our different websites being listed in the search engines?

Do they major search have a limit to how many pages they list from a particular web hosting account/single IP number?

If so, would it help if we obtained different IP numbers for our different domains, even though they remained on a solitary web hosting account and would point to the same IP number?

Thanks very much and best wishes to you all

N. Azam