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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to ask your advice.

    We have several websites with different domain names all hosted on a single webhosting account with a solitary IP number. To explain this: our main account is (which goes to the root directory of our webhost), then points to and to etc. etc.

    (We can't afford different accounts - and our webhost provides a basic 100Mb anyway, which we would never fill up even with several websites.)

    I just wanted to ask the 'gurus' out there: would that reduce the possibility of all our different websites being listed in the search engines?

    Do they major search have a limit to how many pages they list from a particular web hosting account/single IP number?

    If so, would it help if we obtained different IP numbers for our different domains, even though they remained on a solitary web hosting account and would point to the same IP number?

    Thanks very much and best wishes to you all

    N. Azam

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    Hi Nazam, yes it will harm your chances for a couple of reasons.

    1/ Search engines don't like redirects so depending on how they are set up I'd guess the other domains won't have a chance.

    2/ Search engines don't like duplicate pages so if the redirect is set up at a DNS level you would be presenting exactly the same page from different urls and one would be filtered out, probably the one you'd least like to lose.

    Best to get each site on a seperate IP and seperate web space so that each is distinct but his does cost more.
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    Well I have same set up and I have listing under yahoo, dmoz, Looksmart, altavista and more. I dont think they care about IP address. All they care is domian name and the content. If 2 domians have exact same content then some search engines will not list you. It is almost imosible for search engines to keep your IP in data base. Most servers dont offer static IP anyways!
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