What does it mean when an e-mails claims to "expire"??

Recently I started a new contract, and so this morning I decided to e-mail all of my boss's contact info from work to my personal e-mail address. (In case I am running late, or need her for a reference later, or whatever?!)

Since this happened this morning at work, things are somewhat fuzzy, but what I recall doing is this...

I opened up MS Outlook on my work computer, and opened an e-mail from her. Then I right-clicked on her e-mail address in the e-mail, and selected something like "Forward Business Card" or "Copy Business Card".

Somewhere along the way, I created a new e-mail addressed to me at home. And in the body of the e-mail was this nifty little "business card" with all of her info inside of it.

I sent the e-mail to my personal account, and when I opened it up on my personal laptop, everything was fine and I saw this same little "business card" which looked like an image with her contact info in it. (Not a .vcf file as far as I could tell.)

Well, I did this again with the Admin Assistant's info, and then when I went back to the first e-mail with my boss's info in it, I got this weird looking HTML formatted e-mail that looked more like a webpage with a "View this message" link in it. And at the bottom was a disclaimer like this...

This message will be available online until 07/31/2013. Note: You must have your browser configured to accept SSL Certificates in order to view this email. Please see the Secure Email Overview at...

If I clicked on the link it took me to a webpage like this...


On that webpage is info including...

- Subject
- To
- From
- Sent
- Expires

Then below that is a list including....
jane doe.vcf

Any clue what all of this means?!