Hi All,

Please review the following Chrome Extension : Tiny Tweetr

The App allows you to create tweetables on blog posts. A tweetable is a phrase or sentence within your blog post
that can be readily shared on twitter.

Once you install this chrome extension as a blogger you can create tweetables in your blog posts with 1 click. Your
readers/users can share with 1 click(they don't need to install it). Please provide your feedback on
1) Utility
2) Icons and Images
3) Ease of use
4) Promotional ideas
5) Any other general recommendation

Appreciate your any feedback on this.

PS: This is an Extension not a website, I did not find a seperate section on Apps Review withi sitepoint and have made
a recommendation to the mods to have a seperate section, this is under consideration. So I am posting here.