I want to upgrade my ancient JavaScript popups to something a little nicer. I'd like as much freedom to style my popups as possible, and I'd like to be able to open multiple popups at the same time. (I just upgraded to a non-JQuery popup script that works nice, but it will only open one popup at a time.)

Another concern is user-friendliness. If a visitor has some sort of popup blocker, can I somehow set up my script to generate a message ("Sorry, but it looks like you have disabled JavaScript")? Of course, cool tricks and special effects are always of interest, too.

Anyway, I wondered if anyone can recommend a good JQuery popup script that you've tested. I've found lots of stuff in Google, but I tried a couple that didn't work, and a few others cost money. (I'd normally buy them, but I'm really broke this month.)

Thanks for any tips.