console stmts don't print, in FF.... (???)

and in Chrome, not even the JSON content prints..

path to JSON: json/rockbands.json

Chrome is looking for:


PS: actually I just realized: on my example online Chrome prints the JSON content fine, but not in my local (just plain local, in my Tomcat environment no problem.. why is this??? is this a JSON quirky thing, or would the same thing be happening with XML? now this local/vs/env problem occurs ONLY in Chrome... in FF JSON content prints fine when I'm NOT in Tomcat, i.e., just loading the file from the finder... i.e., why does FF print JSON content fine when I'm not in a webapp environment but Chrome doesn't???)

as for the console stmts, Chrome prints them fine, FF doesn't print them at all, regardess of environment.... (???)

thank you.......