Hey all,

I run online communities and one of the most active members of one of them, who is also a staff member, is having some trouble and I thought I might ask here. I am not sure if this is a web hosting issue specifically, but I thought that might be the most appropriate forum.

According to her, she is able to visit one or two pages (maybe five or six in some cases) before the next page she tries to go to "has taken too long to respond" and "times out." She then says that if she clears her browser history and cookies, restarts the browser, it usually works again but the cycle repeats.

Just to knock some details out of the way:

- I have a VPS with LiquidWeb.
- She is the only person who has reported having this problem.
- I cannot replicate the problem and have no trouble at all visiting the website.
- She is using Firefox. Apparently Chrome crashes for her (in general, not just on my website).

I really have no idea what it could be, though I suspect it is an issue that isn't common and may be unique to her. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I appreciate your time.