There is a minor issue that I am facing and have been unable to solve.

It is using wordpress and regular folders and trying to access regular HTML files in subfolders

For example here is the scenario.

I have wordpress installed and along with that have folders like Sales / Marketing etc. I want that if users type like domain . com / Sales or domain . com / sales then the user should be able to access that folder. I have sub sites in it which are made in regular html.

To do this I added the mod speling code

Now this works by itself (without the wordpress htaccess code being added)

As soon as wordpress code is added, the speling directive stops working and work only on wordpress urls and not on regular sub folder urls. like domain . com / Selling-Tips / or domain . con / selling-tips / works fine in wordpress but the subfolders cannot be accessed using any case.

Could anyone suggest why the code does not work for regular html urls in subfolders and is there any way out by which we can force the htaccess to check all folders and allow URLs in any case?