Hi, am trying to post the selected data from a drop down list into a table row when a user selects that option. This is the code for dynamic drop down list which is working well by populating the drop down list with data from mysql data base. Kindly assist me with an example of how to get the user's selection to a grid or table when the user select.users option(1 bedroom,2 bedroom,3 bedroom,Bedsitter)

Code PHP:
<select name="house type" id="house type">
              <option id="0">--Select House--</option>
				  $myHouse = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM housetypes");
				  while($record = mysql_fetch_array($myHouse))
					  //echo "<option value =".$record['hsety_Id'].">' .$record ['hsety_Id'].'</option>";
					  echo "<option value= {$record['hsety_Id']}>{$record['hsety_Name']}</option>";