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    Question Several Flash MX Questions - Please Help

    Hi All hope you can help, here are my questions. (I am trying to create a website that is easy to update)

    1. Is it possible for me to populate my flash MX with menu buttons that are automatically created by whatever is in a text file, for example, if my text file had the following:-


    Could I get something to create the buttons automatically, also if the buttons were to become to many on the page could they be put into a scrolling box.

    2. I would like to create an automatic Bio page for the members of my website which can change constantly. What I would like to do is use a database which stores the members photo and Bio then I want flash to automatically update the Bio page according to the entries in the database, So for example if I had the following members.

    Then on the Bio Page I would have a Box that brought in the picture and a Dynamic text field (Scrollable) that would bring in the Bio depending on which name was clicked on.

    So if i added another memeber to the database then it would automatically update the memebrs links so that once the name was selected that person photo and Bio would be loaded from the database.

    3. I would also like to have the following on my page.

    A contact Form (This would be emailed to the webmaster)
    A registration Form (Preferably created from either a database or text file)
    A GuestBook (Database Again)
    A NewsPoster (This would have to be a database I think. I would like this so memebers can post news that automatically fills a news page on my webpage, all news after 7 days old would be archived and the archive links would be made available on my news page.)

    Sorry Guys, I know I am asking a huge amount, but I have been landed the job of creating our Automatic Dynamic webpage, that has to be ready in a few weeks time, and I have no Flash experience whatsoever, to be truthfull I got this job because I made a simple html intranet that was linked to a database.



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    i'm not sure of the answers, but i know that 2 & 3 can be done. a few websites that can get you going are,, there are some good books that will give you a hand also. i have "actionscript, the definitive guide" by o'reilly and colin moock and really like it.


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