I'm just learning jquery because I'm building a site for a friend (in wordpress) and want to use some animation instead of loads of pages.

What I want to achieve is essentially to show the outside of a building and when a user clicks on it it changes to a view of the inside. I've managed to get that far using code like this http://jsfiddle.net/M9QBb/91/ (once I figured out I needed to use the ready function as well - total newbie! )

The next step is though that once the inside of the building is shown, a div should also show with a closed scroll and when a user clicks on the closed scroll, this div should be either expand or be swopped for one where you can see the writing.

I was going to create a div with a background image of a closed scroll and one with the background image as an open scroll that I can then write text in - this way once I show my friend how to use wordpress it should be easy enough for her to change the text as needed (plus the effect will be repeated on several pages).

I was just wondering whether this was possible and also whether its the best way of doing it?

Many thanks for any help,