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    Help with natural document flow

    The time has come for me to revamp one of the main pages on my web site (I like to call it the "'money page" ), 'cuz I'm tired of it not displaying right in moz or opera.

    I knew I had some positioning problems, so I put different-colored borders around everything and was quite surprised at what I saw. I have started tweaking things but there are too many layout/positioning principles that I just don't know.

    I would like all of my divs inside the container to flow naturally, but let my java-enabled divs on the left work correctly. This would allow my text to flow better as well. And if I had a better working layout, the cross-browser performance would probably be much improved.

    How can I get those divs to flow properly? One of the main reasons why I want to accomplish this is so that my code is more intuitive and efficient. I want to quit trying to 'fight' browsers and work with them, if u know what I mean?

    Any suggestions would be very helpfull.

    Also, anywhere I can read up on the subject?

    >> Mark-up is here.

    >> CSS is here.
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    I would suggest starting at w3c they have some good resources. Then if you want to learn some more about css, alistapart is another excellent place to learn.

    If you need some more let us know, I myself have a good dozen sites on CSS and other stuff.

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