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    People are always saying, how many hits are you getting, from this report what would be considered the number of hits? I also assume this would be somewhat wrong because this is a frames site. Thanks

    Summary Report

    Report generation date 07/Nov/2000 09:54:36
    Report processing time 0 min, 0 sec
    Oldest log file entry 31/Oct/2000 00:32:31
    Newest log file entry 06/Nov/2000 23:10:21
    Number of days covered 7
    Log file size 1,223,059
    Number of log file entries 6,520
    Average log file entries per day 931
    Number of corrupt log file entries 0
    Total successful requests (HTML files only) 2,685
    Average successful requests per day (HTML files only) 383
    Total successful requests (CGIs only) 0
    Average successful requests per day (CGIs only) 0
    Total successful requests (all files) 5,629
    Average successful requests per day (all files) 804
    Failed requests for missing files 272
    Most busy hour of the day 19:00
    Least busy hour of the day 04:00
    Busiest day of the week Thu
    Redirects 603
    Interrupted requests 0
    Bytes downloaded 39,055,732
    Average bytes downloaded per day 5,579,390
    Unique search engines 4
    Total search engine queries 19
    Total unique hosts 314
    Average unique hosts per day 44

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    I think most laymen think of hits as how many times people are looking at the site. Most websites, if they're trying to look good, count hits as how many files are accessed. In your case that would be 5629. This includes all files, .html, .jpg, .wav - whatever. This report does tell you how many html files were accessed - 2685. However if you're using frames you have at least two html pages and up to however many frames you have per page. So you'll have to do some calculations to really get to how many people are visiting your site. I think page views are the most useful figure to have - but how to get at that number is the true question.

    You also have a figure called unique hosts - 314. This could well give you how many unique visitors you've had but wouldn't tell you how often they've stopped in.

    I believe there are several sources for web reporting that give you better detail - not sure of them yet as I've just started looking into this but I think Web Trends is the name of one of them.

    Good luck



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