I'm trying to count id's of a certain query but I need also to select another column.

I have the code below, but its not working.

<div id="other-Reports-This-Month">
<? $a=mysql_query("select x.countt, DateOccured from hazzard, (select count(UniqueIdentifier) as countt FROM hazzard) where WHERE MONTH(DateOccured) = ".date('m')." AND YEAR(DateOccured) = ".date('Y')." AND seenByManager=0");

//echo $data['total1'];
<p><strong>Other Reports This Month: <span style="font-size:14px; font-weight:normal; vertical-align:2px; color:#71A6D4">[<? echo $data['countt'] ?>]</span></strong></p>
I think in honesty, I've got myself all twisted up as what I need is to draw out the number of id's that are in this month only and seenByManager=0