I'm thinking of converting my websites to HTML5 and wanted to solicit some advice. There's tons of information online, but I haven't yet answered some basic questions.

A little background: I was quick to adopt XHTML when I first started learning about web design several years ago. However, I discovered that many pros were still sticking with HTML. Eventually, I realized that XHTML wasn't worth the trouble, so I switched back to HTML. The main thing I remember is all the time I spent converting my closing tabs - adding the backward slash to breaks and images, for example.

I assume there are regular expressions that can convert image tags in text files, but what about content stored in databases? Is there some sort of regex search and replace function I can use on database tables?

If I switch to HTML5, what tags would I have to convert besides images? It looks like break tags don't need the backwards slash.

Are there any other things I should be aware of before I take the plunge? It sounds like once I switch, HTML5 might actually be a little easier to work with. I certainly like the new doctype.

Thanks for any tips.