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    Scrollbox Height (Inline Elements)

    I need some help with my page: Wrestling Love

    See those scroll boxes? Not the big scroll box at the top, the smaller ones underneath; WWE News, TNA News, etc. Their height needs adjusted. They're too short right now, and it's cutting off a lot of the text.

    Their height is 131px, I think. I need it set at, like, 200px.

    I have no idea how to do. I thought it'd be as simple as finding the setting in the style.css file, but apparently not. It uses something called inline elements, and I have no idea how to edit it.

    Here's a screenshot of me looking at it with Firefox's element inspector:

    I've highlighted the div in the right box, and the scrollbox's properties show up on the right side. I figured I'd be able to search for 131 in my theme files, find it, change it to the height I wanted, and that would be it, but it didn't work.

    Any help? Thanks!

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    Sorry but I know nothing about wordpress but you could try and force the issue:

    *[id ^="slideshow"]{height:200px!important}
    That uses the attribute selector and will style any ids that begin with #slideshow and therefore may interfere with other rules so you could make it more specific and target each id in that section.

    #slideshow5,/* list all ids in a comma separated list*/
    #slideshow8 {height:200px!important}


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