Hey All,

I am just about to try the Zend Studio Personal Edition 2.6.2 and got to thinking about what IDE's frequenters of this forum use.

I have been using Dreamweaver MX to hand-code my PHP scripts because I like the site management features of DWMX, especially the CTL-SHIFT-U keystroke to upload the current file to the remote server. That and Snippets and the ability to do WYSIWYG HTML for the Presentation portion of the pages. BTW, design-time CSS is great!! Too bad the DWMX PHP server model spits out such ugly code, or I would actually use the built-in PHP capabilities more.

Anyway, I have been longing for a good PHP debugger to speedup development and bug fixing. I have used a number of different PHP IDE's but have still to find one that is half way decent.

I tried the ZEND IDE when it was first released a couple of years ago ( waste of a good $150 ) and have periodically tried the evaluation versions to see if they have gotten bettter. I used and liked the original SE IDE that was part of the DBG debugger, but it didn't have any FTP capabilities. That was before it became NuSphere PHPEd. I also looked at the initial release of PHPEd but at the time it lacked the ability to do remote debugging. I don't know about the latest version, version 3, but I am hesitant to spring $299 to give it a try.

So, what does everybody else use? Do you have any recommendations or comments on the different PHP IDE's available?

I would greatly like to hear what everyone has to say on this topic.