I'm seeking recommendations for a Wordpress email subscriptions plugin.

In this particular situation, the variation in support for RSS has thrown up problems for a significant number of users and the owner wishes to add a simple email signup for subs. The site has three main categories and, in addition to a global subscription, it must be possible to sign up to each of these individually.


  • Self-contained in Wordpress. No 3rd party service needed.
  • Multiple category signup function providing either:
    1. Individual sign-up forms for a number of categories, and individual unsubscribe functions for each.
    2. Single form with choice of signing up to a number of categories, and to be able to alter this preference afterwards.
  • Subscribers to multiple categories will not receive duplicates of posts assigned to two or more of those categpries.
  • Admin option to send full posts or excerpts.
  • Admin option to send post-by-post or digest.
  • Admin option to send plain text or HTML.


  • Simple unsubscription.
  • User option for post-by-post or digest.
  • User option for full post or excerpt.