I started building my 1st website in 1999, Back in the days it was pretty much MS Frontpage running the WYSIWYG. I made quite a few websites with FrontPage. I understood HTML code and was able to write it. In the early 2000s, I actually made compelling sites that were with the times. I own my business so I tended to always design my own websites. Fast forward to 2006 I started to realize that CSS and PHP/MySQL had taken shape. I use Dreamweaver now. I learned just enough with CSS to move my style formatting to a style sheet but never really worked with PHP/MySqL (besides using php include tags for my header/footers). My sites I design are table based, which seemed good at the time (not using <div>). Now it's 2013 and I feel like I am lost. I read HTML5, CSS3, Rails, JQuery, Responsive designs.. Holly Hell!! At this point I'm stuck between a heart and a hard place. I need to do a re-design on a few sites I have but I know I gotta get up to snuf with the new technologies. I love designing websites but feel I'm way behind at this point, unsure if I should just hire someone and let them do the design or just dive in and learn all this stuff. I don't have months to learn, but code devote around 30-40hrs. Not sure if it's enough.

Not sure which road to take. Has so much changed from 2001 to today? I want to learn but i feel like I have to start from scratch.