Hello guys,

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place to post this information.
I'm currently working with a non-profit organization that helps people with no experience whatsoever in Microsoft excel, word and many other things. The organization currently works with Moodle which they have it to provide those classes for people that have never touched a computer, or even do not know what is an email. My task is to install Moodle as a new platform in a server that I recently have access to. I need to make it as a production environment. I'm a newbie in all this never came across with what it's behind it. I'm basically on my own trying to figure it out and will like to get some guidance on how i can install APACHE, PHP and MYSQL separately for a production environment since all what i researched on were done as local host. I would appreciate anyone telling me how would I go to install all this and configure it with Moodle. I've been going back and forth looking to get the best way to install it in no time. I certainly will be in debt if someone can guide i step by step on how i can accomplished my goal.