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    Which 3D App or plugin?

    Hi there folks -

    I'd like to design myself a 3D logo for my small business and the idea I'd like to follow up can best be described as female human lips with a computer keyboard 'skin' or texture comprising the 'lipstick' of the lips.

    Is there an easyish app or Photoshop plugin (I only have 5.5 though ) that could be used to acheive this? I'm guessing some method of building the lips from scratch in 3D and then 'stretching' a 2D computer-keyboard image as a texture over a wire-frame representation of the lips...

    Does this make any sense??
    Thanks a lot guys for any pointers

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    I suggest you Wings 3D. It's free and very powerful.

    Check out the official forums there and I'm sure you'll find lots of resources to help you out.

    Detail is KING.


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